Kate Berger, MSc Founding Director of EKC, Consultant and Treatment Coordinator

Kate received a BA in Psychology from George Washington University (Washington, D.C.). She was first drawn to the Netherlands in 2006 to study at the Universiteit Leiden, where she earned a Master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology.

As a native-New-Yorker, Kate quickly experienced firsthand the unique opportunity that comes with living abroad, as well as the specific challenges expatriates face while living in a non-native society. Living as a foreigner in the Netherlands has shaped the way she works with young people. It has fostered a greater awareness of the challenges young people face in a non-native environment.

Kate’s practice has evolved into a business that serves the entire expatriate network not-only in the Netherlands, but also globally via private and corporate consultation intervention, as well as networking, collaboration and outreach via workshops and presentations within the global mobility sector.

She is passionate about engaging children to feel empowered in their family’s transition so that it becomes a fun-filled experience in which the whole family can learn, develop life-skills, and contribute to the family’s – and community’s – overall well-being.

Kate is a member of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists (PSYCHOLOOG NIP: 226581).


To get in touch with Kate, please email kate@expatkidsclub.com or if you are a returning client, you can book an appointment with her by clicking here.


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