Jamie Rhiannon

Jamie Rhiannon Fehribach, MSc, EKC’s Clinical Supervisor, Staff Psychologist & Creative Director. Jamie holds a research master degree in Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Jamie worked as a Behavioral Therapist with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder before becoming an expat in 2017. Jamie has a great deal of experience in Exposure Therapy for Specific Phobias and has an interest in improving treatment experience so clients can feel more comfortable as they face their fears (click here to learn more about her phobia and fear services!).

Although she loves research, Jamie is also passionate about design, and therefore enjoys expressing her creativity and bringing our expat community together as our Creative Director, in charge of overseeing many aspects of ECK’s initiatives including Social Media content and our intervention and prevention curriculum development.


If you are interested in services for your expat kid or teen, or you are an organization who is interested in our psychoeducation curriculums and presentations, please contact Jamie at jamie@expatkidsclub.com.

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