Daphne Bouchépillon, BSc.

Daphne is from a village near Utrecht, The Netherlands, and studied Pedagogy at Utrecht University. Here she learned of the Ecological Systems Theory, the idea that our environments (home, school, society) and relationships affect development. This approach is particularly helpful when working with TCKs as they grow up across many different systems. After her studies, Daphne worked with families experiencing challenges finding their path in life; she did this work both in Rotterdam, NL and Antwerp, Belgium. Daphne then moved to Paris working at The Sorbonne University and the Dutch School of Paris. Years later, Daphne moved to London and continued to work with Third-Culture Kids.

Daphne now lives in the south of France and works as one of our remote psychologists. She sees clients virtually from around the world! Daphne practices in English and Dutch, and is close to being fluent in French as well. 

Helping the third culture kids find their way in the moving lifestyle they’re living and being part of their growth. Daphne is passionate about supporting kids and teens find their place in the world. Life can be challenging and she is experienced in putting that puzzle together!



Want to get in contact with Daphne? Email her at daphne@expatkidsclub.com!


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