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Expat Kids Club officeEstablished in 2008 by Kate Berger, The Expat Kids Club has worked over the past decade to help young people around the world feel supported during big life transitions. Our “club” provides a sense of belongingness to kids and is a safe-haven for those who might miss the stability of a homebase, because they’ve move to a new country. With our experienced team, kids can express their frustrations, build resilience, and develop healthy, effective coping strategies to deal with relocation and life.

Out of two offices (in Amstelveen and Wassenaar) and online, we work with kids and teens of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, and families. We are especially attuned to those who struggle to overcome the difficulties associated with being a foreigner or having a mixed cultural identity. We also aim to improve the quality of life for the entire expatriate family and believe that it’s only through working with kids and their parents that we can see a positive improvement in overall well-being for our expat kids, families, and communities.

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Offices locations:

Lindenlaan 75, 1185 LC Amstelveen

Hofcampweg 71 2241 KE Wassenaar

Phone: +31 06 14 83 27 02

E-mail: support@expatkidsclub.com


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