We’re proud to share with you many positive testimonials from families who we have worked with over the years. Below, you can read some of the kind words and happy experiences they had with us! Starred names have been changed to protect privacy.


I was one of the parents who attended Kate’s session for the International Family Fair and her presentation  gave me both theoretical and practical approaches that I can use to practice mindfulness at home. As a mother, practicing mindfulness for myself helps me get centered and knowing the benefits of mindfulness in children from Kate’s presentation has given me confidence that we are on the right path in introducing mindfulness at home. I am looking forward  to listening to more talks and get new tools that I can use with our children.”

–   Lana Jelenjev, Mother and Owner of Smart Tinker 


“Hi Kate, I just wanted to update you on Kyle’s* progress. We were transferred to a small town in upstate [location removed, USA]. Kyle started middle school in August. After a couple rocky days, I wrote a e-mail to all his teachers explaining his expat experience and I have never seen such supportive teachers. Kyle started go to school with confidence about the third week in school. The teachers and I had to help him through the basics that he missed like lockers, changing classes, using the American words and spelling. We kept finding holes in things he would have known if we hadn’t moved He stayed on the honor roll every semester, joined the wrestling team, and made friends. He is so happy. He still Facetimes his friends in the UK and it is sort of funny to hear British accents coming from his room but amazing that he is able to have friends in both worlds. Jake and I wanted to you to know that we feel the work you did with him laid a huge foundation for him to pull from when we came back to America. Thank you for your willingness to step out of the box and Skype work with Kyle. Your work is awesome and much needed in the world we live in today.” 

–   L & JC, USA


“We can not express enough how much Kate has helped our family. Our older son was expressing a lot of anger and having a very hard time expressing himself. It was very hard for him and very hard on our entire family as a result. We had tried two other therapists before and nothing improved. When I met Kate I was at the end of my rope and not sure where to turn. From the first visit our son felt safe with Kate and I saw improvement every week. Kate gave our son the tools he needed to heal and he still uses them today. She is excellent at what she does and really understands these kids needs. We are forever grateful.”

 –   JJ, Bergen, NL


“We are very thankful to have found Kate in a time when we had trouble helping our daughter ourselves. She was great at communicating in a compassionate professional manner. Our daughter loved every single session and learned so much. We have since moved away and miss Kate but we talk about her often. She is forever a part of our expat story.”

 –   RG, Hilversum NL


“Thanks Kate – you have been a huge help for both of our girls and family! We are so glad we reached out for help – it was the right fit from day one. We will miss you dearly when we move, and will not forget your dedication and enthusiasm.” 

–   TT, Amstelveen NL 


“Kate was a tremendous help to our eight year-old son, who began developing some perplexing behaviors that we were unprepared to deal with as parents. Our son looked forward to his sessions with Kate, and really took to the concepts he was learning about emotions and how to safely express and cope with them. We noticed immediate improvements, and deeply appreciate the difference it made in our home. Kate was wonderful to work with, and our son always felt safe and at ease– it was a very positive experience for everyone!” 

–   DB, Amsterdam NL


“Words cannot describe how grateful we are for Kate and her team´s work. Their professionalism, permanent interest and dedication to our son since day 1, showed their true committment with his needs.They taught our kid how to express his emotions, how to communicate and to be happy again. And also, helped us as parents not only in giving the support he needed in order to develop, but also in understanding what was the best for him. Our life as a family totally changed after meeting Kate. A million thanks from the bottom of our heart!” 

–   Anonymous individual client, The Hague NL


“My daughter stopped communicating with us and we were really worried when we saw some self-destructive behaviors and increase in physical interactions with her little sister and friends. We never realized how much of a hard time she was having to fit in with other kids, and Kate helped us understand her perspective better. She also gave us concrete advice on how to support our daughter, and was available anytime we needed to speak to her. I haven’t had that kind of hands-on support from a psychologist ever before! We highly recommend her services for families that may be having a hard time but don’t know what to do.” 

–   LC, Amstelveen NL


“My oldest child was having a really hard time getting used to the new set-up. We were struggling with behavior issues at home, and Kate really took the time to help us come up with a proactive solution that made the whole family feel much better! Thanks for all of your hard work!” 

–   ST, Amsterdam NL 


“We were really concerned about our son last year following our relocation (2nd in 5 years). Kate not only helped our son learn how to express his feelings better, but also helped us come to terms with our expectations and obligations as parents. We have seen many improvements in our son since Kate’s help! He has a best friend (for the first time in years) and actually goes to school with a smile on his face each morning. His teachers have noted many positive changes as well. Thank you is not enough:).” 

–   MD, Amsterdam NL


“What has impressed me most about Kate’s approach is her attention to detail, dedication and passion for her work. In today’s world where cookie-cutter is the norm, Kate’s approach to children’s’ mental health (and “dealing with abnormality”) is refreshing and important.” 

–   Mental health worker, Amsterdam NL


“I’m an ATCK and wish there would have been a professional like you when I was a child/teen and dealing with the frustrations that came along with the transitions and adjustments, the morning of my loses, the anger towards my parents and the uncertainty and isolation I felt while trying to figure out “who am I?”I’m positive your help makes a big difference in the life’s of these young people you coach! And raising awareness of the issues and emotions children deal with towards parents is essential! Being able to deal with their emotions in the present will enable them to, even more so, benefit from their experience abroad and above all enjoy their extraordinary childhood and the life lessens it brings them.All I can say is keep up the good work! :-)”

 –   Natasja, Amersfoort NL


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