Teen Support Group







What is it and who is it for? 

EKC Teen Support Group (TSG) is for teenagers (ages 15-18) looking to work on mental healthcare within the safety of an organized therapeutic group for TCK’s, facilitated by Kate Berger, founding director and Psychologist of The Expat Kids Club. 

Each session will have a target theme, with content addressing the various and relevant mental health care needs (e.g., social anxiety, depression, identity formation, emotional regulation strategies, etc.). 

This group is suitable for teens that are looking for that additional bit of support amidst like-minded people who can identify with one another’s’ struggles. The idea is that participants give – and receive – support within this setting. 

Participants must be referred from their current mental health care supporter (e.g., psychologist and/or school counselor). 

Due to the importance of maintaining group synergy, we require participants to attend all sessions in the term (for Spring term that is 4 sessions); and have strict guidelines/agreements in terms of confidentiality that are outlined in the first session. 


In-person sessions only @ EKC offices (Lindenlaan 75 1185LC Amstelveen)


Fall 2022 Group will take place on Wednesday’s @5pm on the following dates:

  • September 14th
  • October 12th
  • November 9th
  • December 14th


160 euros for 4 sessions 


For more information or to register contact: kate@expatkidsclub.com

Registration closes August 31st

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