Our Team

The Expat Kids Club wouldn’t be what it is without our amazing team. We are proud to work with a multicultural staff representing more than five different countries! Our therapists work within a multidisciplinary, collaborative care approach, providing expat families with access to comprehensive care and interventions that promote mental health and well-being. Click here to read more about what Family Services we have available for you.

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Our Team

Kate Berger, MSc EKC Founder, Clinical Supervisor, Staff Psychologist. With almost 15 years spent working with hundreds of expat families, Kate has devoted her professional career to learning about and supporting third culture and expat kids through life’s transitions so they become empowering experiences in which the whole family can develop life-skills, and make meaningful contributions to their own – and community’s – overall well-being

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Jamie Rhiannon Fehribach, MSc., EKC Clinical Supervisor, Staff Psychologist, and Creative Director. Jamie’s psychological background (focused in anxiety and specific phobias) and experience leading various aspects of EKC operations make her fantastic at curating content for our clinical interventions and network outreach strategy via our social media channels. Jamie offers phobia and fear services

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Eric Haynes, EKC Administrator & Content Marketing Coordinator. Eric completed his Master’s degree in International Business from Radboud Universiteit with an emphasis on cross-cultural communication and institutional pressures, has extensive customer-service experience supporting the expatriate community and is passionate about developing EKC’s social media content to align with strategic vision for increasing global awareness on the topic

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Karen Schneider, MEd., EKC Staff PsychologistKaren emigrated to the Netherlands from South Africa in 2017. She has spent years working in an international environment in school and private practice settings. Her greatest passion as a psychologist is being part of a therapeutic process of growth, resilience, and self-exploration. She practices in English, German and Afrikaans.

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Teresa Fagundes, EKC Staff PsychologistTeresa moved to the Netherlands in April 2019. She has experience in working in schools one-to-one with kids. Teresa’s background has focused previously on working with children on the autism spectrum, though she also is interested in supporting families through grief and loss.

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Suyanne Lima, EKC Masters Student Intern. Suyanne, originally from Brazil, is currently enrolled in a Master’s program in Clinical Psychology at Utrecht University. Due her own expat experiences, Suyanne is passionate about cultural differences and the impact of environment and culture on behavior.

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Lucia Marmol, EKC Bachelors Student Intern & Social Media Specialist. Lucia is enrolled in an international Bachelor in Psychology at Erasmus University. Owing her own expat experience and high creativity, she is passionate about creating social media content that reflects the challenges and brings useful information to the expat community.

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Juniper joins the team ready to take naps next to our clients and receive ear scratches. She loves making new friends with people (and dogs, too!) and helping clients to overcome their fear of cats!


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Cherry has the very important role of CCO (Chief Cuddle Operator). She has provided endless comfort to so many of our clients – and also is available to help them face their fears around dogs!

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To schedule an intake appointment, please click here. For general inquiries please feel welcomed to email us at support@expatkidsclub.com.

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