Suyanne Lima is originally from Brazil. Her first experience abroad was in 2017, when she went to England to learn English. Since then, Suyanne has been living abroad and therefore understands the everyday challenges of being an expat. She is excited to bring her knowledge and personal experience into practice and wishes to deepen her knowledge and clinical skills to support our expat population. She is set to graduate from her master’s program in Clinical Psychology at Utrecht University this summer. 

Psychology had an essential role in her journey as expat, and due to her personal experiences, working with expats became her mission. She believes that with her personal and professional experience, she can help children and adolescents adapt to the new country and other life challenges in the healthiest way, providing a safe space for self-exploration, growth, and transformation. 

Suyanne works with a holistic approach, providing support with acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and a client-centred approach. She believes that every person is unique, and with that, she aims to look beyond the issue presented: each person behaves according to the way they see and interact with the world and must be understood before attempting to change. Moreover, Suyanne provides a space of acceptance and non-judgment, encouraging clients to be themselves and believing her potential to change. 

Su first joined EKC as our master’s student intern, and now remains on the team via our traineeship program as our Graduate Psychologist. 


If you would like to get in touch with Suyanne, please email

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