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Does your child or teen struggle with sleep?

Sleep is very important for our daily functioning. It helps regulate our mood, improves our concentration and memory, and boosts our immune system. But young people are experiencing problems with sleep more than ever, and the negative impact on daily life can be huge.

We can help!

Our team members provide sleep assessments and give practical advice that gets everyone more rest. Get started by filling out this survey (it takes two minutes!) – we take a look at your results and then directly contact you to discuss ways you can already start making improvements (a more extended assessment may be warranted, you can find out more about what that entails below).



If you’re already sure that you need more extended support with your child’s sleep-related difficulties, you can get started with our Sleep Improvement Package.

Sleep Improvement package includes:

  • Sleep questionnaire(s) (selected based on age, development, etc.)
  • Personalized sleep report (detailing quality of sleep and what areas could be improved and how)
  • A sleep consultation session (virtual or in-person)
    • We will go over the sleep report and address each problem together (some methods include sleep hygiene education, relaxation training, stimulus control)
    • Creation of a sleep routine plan
  • Support in tracking progress with a Sleep Diary
  • Follow-up consultation

To begin the process, either take with our free initial sleep assessment or book a consultation appointment via

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