Cancellation/Request for Reschedule Policy: Cancellations or requests to reschedule an appointment that are not made at least 24-hours prior to a confirmed appointment will be fully charged. Appointments are considered cancelled if client arrives 15 minutes or later than a confirmed starting time without notice.

Time Zone Policy: Clients attending session from a different timezone are responsible for knowing what the time difference of their scheduled appointment is. We do, however, do our best to help clients figure out what the correct time is for their time zone when an appointment is made.

Missed Appointments Policy: Clients who do not show up to their scheduled appointment will be billed in full for the missed session. Appointments are considered cancelled if client arrives 15 minutes later than confirmed starting time without notice.

Client Illness PolicyClients who have been scheduled for an in-person session, but develop (cold) symptoms, will be asked to contact their psychologist with six hours notice in order to request their session be moved online; requests made with less than six hours notice will be considered a late-cancellation. Clients who come to the office with (cold) symptoms will unfortunately be asked to head home and the appointment will be considered a late-cancellation.

COVID-19 Policies

Updated as of June 2, 2022

We are currently working with a hybrid-format meaning that clients are welcomed to attend in-person sessions again! This is subject to therapists availability (i.e. whether or not they are in-office vs. working from home the day of your appointment). Please assume that all other sessions will continue to take place online unless your child’s therapist has confirmed otherwise. If you are uncertain if your session is in-person or online, please contact your therapist directly.

If you previously booked an in-person session, and now would like to move the session online, this is possible 6 hours ahead of the scheduled time. If notice is given within the 6 hours, this will be considered a late cancellation.

Visitors are kindly asked to not come into our in-person offices if they are experiencing (cold) symptoms and instead request for your session to be moved online with a minimum notice of 6 hours.

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