Michelle Braun, originally born in Madrid with Germany/Colombian heritage, recently obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Within her Bachelor’s Michelle completed two minors, one in the field of “Brain and Mind” and the second minor in the field of clinical psychology. This allowed her to gain insight into neuroscience while maintaining her focus on clinical psychology. Throughout her childhood Michelle experienced what it was like to be an expat kid herself. When she was 6 she moved to Warsaw, where she was part of a very international community. Following this experience, she also lived in Colombia and in Spain, where she finished her secondary education in a German school. She is excited to bring this personal experience to the practice. She moved to the Netherlands in 2017 in order to study psychology and is looking forward to starting her Master’s in Clinical Neuropsychology in September. She is passionate about the link between psychology and the neurological basis and hopes to be able to incorporate this into her future work.


If you would like to get in touch with Michelle, please email intern@expatkidsclub.com.

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