Juniper is originally from Bulgaria, and moved to the Netherlands when her mom, Jamie, adopted her. Jamie expected her to be quite nervous after her three day drive to Amsterdam, but was surprised to find that Juniper was incredibly calm and cuddly even then! Since becoming an expat, Juniper has made many new friends from around the world. In fact, she prefers to spend her time curled up close by to her human companions.

Juniper enjoys bird watching and munching on cheese. She also loves to play with her crinkle toys. You may spot Juniper in the office sometime during your visit, and she hopes you say hi!

Juniper is also ready to work with kids who are scared of cats, helping to teach them that cats can be good friends! (Click here to learn more about Juniper’s work with phobias and fears!).


Want to work with Juniper or learn about services with one of our other team members? Please contact us at!

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