Dr. Jake Knapik has his doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Child and Adolescent interventions. In his post-doctoral residency, Dr. Knapik specialized in pediatric anxiety disorders, working with children aged 5-12 with severe anxiety. Prior to this, he worked within the Los Angeles Unified School District as a specialist helping children that were struggling with behavioral and emotional hurdles. With nearly 10 years of experience, he has worked with a diverse pediatric population with diverse mental health struggles.

Jake grew up in a rather monoethnic community in the suburbs of Chicago and it wasn’t until his studying and living abroad in Vienna that he realized the true importance of diversity and inclusion. He continued his growth while obtaining his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in Los Angeles, CA and working with the cities extremely diverse population. Jake has unique training in Cultural Humility and Diversity, of which has been a cornerstone of his clinical work.

Jake also serves as our Corporate Mobility Consultant and helps connect us with international companies and their expat families to help them with the transition of living in a new country.


To get in touch with Jake, please email jake@expatkidsclub.com

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