Filippa Kalejaiye, MA

Filippa completed her master’s degree in Psychology at Tampere University, Finland. Her studies were comprehensive and included a variety of areas of psychology from developmental, neuropsychological, and mental health oriented theoretical studies to therapeutic group and individual work and neuropsychological assessing. Filippa is passionate about working with children and adolescent and has experience in treating e.g. anxiety disorders and struggles in emotional regulation through group interventions. Furthermore, in the past few years Filippa has worked with clients with autism spectrum disorders and most recently has been working as a school psychologist responsible for cognitive assessments as well as 1:1 therapeutic work.

Before her university studies, Filippa lived in Nigeria for a short period of time and during her studies spent a year in the Netherlands as an exchange student. She relocated in the Netherlands in January 2021. Thus, Filippa has felt the struggles as well as the excitement of moving to a foreign country and starting a life there. As a psychologist, Filippa has her focus on enhancing self-compassion and her working methods come largely from cognitive behavioral therapy. Filippa has experience in providing psychological help and interventions for children and adolescent struggling e.g. with social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior and thoughts, depression, anger-management issues, self-esteem struggles, family problems and identity issues. She is very passionate about prevention work around mental health and has led an escape-room project directed at reducing the stigma around mental health in schools and society. Filippa speaks both English and Finnish fluently and is available for sessions in Finnish language.


If you are interested in services for your expat kid or teen, please contact Filippa at

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