Fees and Coverage

What is the pricing for receiving child or teen services?

Individual client hourly rate from February 2022 is €120,00 and includes:

•    Preparation for session
•    Post-session write up & debriefing to parents when relevant
•    Internal consultation with multidisciplinary team
•    Phone consultation by appointment (15 min., max 1x week)
•    Reportage with recommendations for steps forward if applicable
•    Administrative support

Correspondence that exceeds 15 minutes/1x per week will be charged per hourly rate. School visitations, home visits, phone consultation with other professionals working on the particular client case, and/or parent meetings (online, phone or in-person) are charged per hourly rate.

Are these services covered by my insurance?

We do not work directly with insurance companies.  Therefore, it is the client’s responsibility to check with insurance companies for information regarding the coverage of treatment.

Although coverage varies, some insurance plans allow mental coaching to fall under the “special health costs” (“bijzondere ziektekosten”) declaration; and some employers will cover The Expat Kids Club services as part of a relocation support package.


If you have more questions about service fees and payments, please contact us at support@expatkidsclub.com. To book an appointment, visit our appointments’ page.

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