Fees and Coverage

What is the pricing for receiving child or teen services?

Individual client hourly-rate from January 2023 is €130,00 and includes:

  • Preparation for session
  • Post-session write up & debriefing to parents, when relevant
  • Phone consultation, by appointment (15 min., max 1x week)*
  • Internal consultation with multidisciplinary team during weekly team meetings (15 min, max 2x week)**
  • Reportage with recommendations for steps forward, if applicable
  • Administrative support

*Correspondence that exceeds 15 minutes/1x per week will be charged per hourly rate. School visitations, home visits, phone consultation with other professionals working on the particular client case, writing of extended psychological reports, and/or parent meetings (online, phone or in-person) are charged per hourly rate.

**Additional surcharges. In some circumstances, the therapy team will need to meet internally for extended case-consultation and/or attend client meetings collaboratively. In these cases, there will be additional surcharges added on a case-by-case basis. These charges will be communicated to the paying-client before any such extended consultations or meetings take place, and therefore will need explicit approval by the paying-client in order to take place.

Are these services covered by my insurance?

We do not work directly with insurance companies.  Therefore, it is the client’s responsibility to check with insurance companies for information regarding the coverage of treatment.

Although coverage varies, some insurance plans allow mental coaching to fall under the “special health costs” (“bijzondere ziektekosten”) declaration; and some employers will cover The Expat Kids Club services as part of a relocation support package.

Is there a sliding-scale for treatment costs?

EKC offers a reduced-session fee option for those who believe they would benefit from therapy, but may not be able to afford the full cost of treatment. 

Our reduced-cost sessions are offered in conjunction with our clinical internship program that trains advanced graduate students. Interns are closely supervised by our Clinical Supervisors and by the EKC Psychologist Team. This program ensures that the client receives a high-level of care, at a reduced cost, while also providing interns with invaluable experience in the field.

We believe every family should have access to a quality and trustworthy experience in our community. By offering reduced-cost services, we are able to honor our practice values and support traditionally underserved populations in hope of creating space for healing, connection, and empowerment. If you have more questions about reduced-cost sessions, please contact us at support@expatkidsclub.com.


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