Phobias and Fears

Does your child or teen struggle with a phobia or big fear?

Anxiety disorders are one of the most prominent mental health challenges out there – and that includes specific phobias. A specific phobia is the fear of a specific situation, thing, or environment and can be just about anything. Phobias are tricky, because they induce lots of anxiety, making a person feel like they shouldn’t engage in the feared thing – but this actually just makes the phobia even stronger! Treatment for specific phobia is most commonly ERP or Exposure Response Prevention therapy.

We can help!

Our team members have expertise in specific phobia research and have provided services to many of our clients. Treating a specific phobia can oftentimes be very scary in itself because it involves asking someone to face their fear – but, this is something we know all about! We focus on ways of making scary experiences as comfortable as possible, meaning that your child’s comfort and consent during treatment is always at the front of our minds. 

The goal of treatment is to bring more freedom to your child’s life and to generally reduce their anxiety around their fear. If you or your child is uncertain about beginning treatment – we encourage you to set up an intake appointment to hear more, we are happy to hear your questions as well as help your family face the phobia, one small step at a time! 



To schedule an intake with our team and learn more about what we can offer your family, send us an email at!



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