Cherry is originally from Romania and serves as our team’s emotional support dog! Before moving to the Netherlands, Cherry had a tough life. She did not have a family to live with there, and somehow, while growing up, she lost her left eye. We don’t know how how it happened, but what we can say is that she hasn’t let her past stand in her way from living a fulfilling life as an expat!

Cherry is very gentle, friendly, and enjoys lots of ear scratches. She loves her mom, Kate, very much, and always wants to be by her side. She knows a few tricks that she would love to show you, too! Her favorite part of working at Expat Kids Club is getting to meet new friends. She also enjoys getting work with kids who are scared of dogs, helping to teach them that dogs can be good friends! (Click here to learn more about Cherry’s work with phobias and fears!).


Want to work with Cherry or learn about services with one of our other team members? Please contact us at!

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