“There is a small, black, spaniel-type dog recently arrived in The Netherlands from Romania. The country she came from has a horrific reputation for animal abuse. Tens of thousands of dogs die there every year through acts of unspeakable cruelty and neglect. The country where has she found safety has a reputation for compassion and protection for all living things.

The dog’s name is Cherry; nobody knows why she came to be called that. She has only one eye; the skin where the other would be is stitched shut; nobody knows how or why that happened either but you can imagine the worst.

This is what is known:

Cherry approaches people gently and trustingly. She loves to be stroked everywhere – neck, ears, back, head, rump – she raises her feet for massages, and even seems to enjoy having her lips lifted and her teeth and mouth touched. She doesn’t at all resist full, surrounding hugs; she adores being brushed.

And what next for this sweet creature?

Anyone who has worked with, or has even known a therapy dog, can imagine what the future could be – what it should be. And it’s even more certain since Cherry’s new “mom” is a psychologist in Amsterdam working in private practice with children. Sometime before long, Cherry will become a certified therapy dog, she’ll join in consulting sessions; she’ll be a special friend to the kids, a comforter, a helping healer who is returning the favor.”

– Therapy Dog Insights

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