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Summer at home does not have to mean a summer of missed connections or skill-building experiences! Camp Expat Kids Club is a program developed by our team of psychologists for third-culture kids anywhere in the world.

Over the course of four weeks (July 13th – August 7th), your child will gain insight into what being an expat kid is all about, enhance and develop useful life-skills through mindfulness-based psycho-education, and have access to our network of campers, thereby connecting with other kids all around the world just like them!


Camp EKC means Connection

What would camp be if it weren’t about making new friends?! All campers will have the special opportunity to participate with other kids and teens around the world. One of the main goals of Camp EKC is to foster these connections in a unique way through our camp activities.

Activities will center around the three M’s:

  • Make (creative projects, worksheets, reflection pieces)
  • Move (acting, dancing, yoga, walking)
  • Meet (connecting with (new) friends, neighbors, community resources, and family)

This means the chance to meet, relate to, and become friends with other Third-Culture Kids, but it also means your child will have the opportunity to gain a wider sense of belongingness and connection to the expat community – globally!


Camp EKC means Learning and Development

For Our Expat Kids

During Camp EKC, our 8-11 year-old campers will learn about enhancing social skills within the international community context; embracing diversity and learning about the wider world; and using creativity and imagination to improve emotional regulation.


Camper Curriculum

Week 1: Like a Puzzle

Campers will learn about ideas on identity and introspection.

Week 2: Like a Tower

Campers will learn social skills and how friends should help us build upwards to reach new heights.

Week 3: Like a Dragon

Campers will learn the importance of letting their imaginations run wild and creating spaces for them to safely explore difficult situations.

Week 4: Like an Explorer

Campers will learn about looking at the world with curiosity, rather than fear. They will learn about how people can be different and how being different is awesome.


For Our Expat (Pre)Teens

Campers ages 12-18 years will focus on learning how to advocate for personal needs in different environments; how to build more meaningful lives through discovering individual values; and begin to create a unique, stable identity as a Third-Culture Kid.


Camper Curriculum

Week 1: Who Am I?

To build up, we first need a strong foundation. We will reconnect to ourselves through mindfulness interventions and bring better awareness to where we stand at this moment, physically and mentally.

Week 2: Who Do I Want to Be?

Everyone is different, including in what they care the most about. By identifying our values, we can better understand not only who we already are, but what we hope to become.

Week 3: How Can I Get There?

Now that we have some direction, we need to figure out how to move forward. During this week we will focus on learning skills for better emotional regulation as well as how to accept when things aren’t going perfectly.

Week 4: Becoming a Citizen of the World

We all have special skills that we can bring to the table. Now that we have connected a bit more with our values and have a better understanding of our identity, we will explore how we can put these things to action to lead meaningful lives in the context of the world.


Most importantly… Camp EKC means Fun!

All four weeks of Camp EKC will have their own unique theme, which will guide the diverse daily activities. We’ll start each week with parent briefings with tips on  how to support your camper, so you’ll learn something too! Midweek guided meditations will be available for all campers to share in a stillness practice. One-on-one counselor check-ins with our trained staff will be provided to ensure your camper is getting the most out of our curriculum. Finally, we will join as a virtual community at the end of each week with Campfire Friday, when campers will share their experiences and learn from one another.

Rates and Registration

Early-Bird Registration

150 Euros // 170 dollars per week

OR 450 Euros // 500 USD for all four weeks

Register before June 24, 2020 for this deal!


Regular Registration

175 Euros // 198 USD per week

OR 550 Euros // 610 USD for all four weeks


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Do you have more than one camper in your family?

Contact us at support@expatkidsclub.com for our multiple camper rates!




Frequently Asked Questions

“Do we have to sign up for all four weeks of camp?”
Nope! Pick and choose which weeks you think would be the most beneficial to your kid or teen. We do have a bundled price if you do sign-up for all four weeks, though!
“My child or teen has other things going on during one of the weeks Camp EKC is running, can they still participate?”
Yes! Camp EKC is designed to be flexible. Activities can be completed at a campers own pace and many will be possible to complete even if you are going to be traveling, for example. Individual counselor check-ins are scheduled with each camper once per weekand these can be arranged at a time that is best for your family. The only activity which is inflexible is Campfire Friday, because it is with all of Camp. Campfire Friday will occur every Friday at 6 pm CET / 12  pm (noon) EST / 9 am PST.
“How involved as a parent will I have to be with Camp EKC?”

For our younger campers, we recommend parents helping to provide guidance through the materials. For our older campers, they should be able to complete activities on their own (unless they’re family-centered ones!). Don’t worry, though! We will be providing all information about how to prepare for an upcoming week before the first day. We also provide the parent briefings, so we can give advice on how to best support your camper as they participate in Camp EKC.


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