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The world is becoming more mobile, meaning more families are relocating as one or more parents get job offers abroad. We believe it’s important that expat families have the proper support when moving, both for the personal well-being, but also so they can be successful in their work life.

This is why we offer services to businesses, corporations, international schools, and employers, so they can make sure their new employees (or students!) have a comfortable and smooth transition to your company. Services can include an array of different consultation topics, but here are some common parts of what the process would look like for you:


First, we listen – carefully. Our interview process is thorough. We seek a full, detailed understanding of your needs and expectations.

One of a kind. Just like how your challenges and objectives are unique, we create content and material tailored to meet your specific needs.

Straight talk. Our terms and working agreements are clear, uncomplicated, and respectful. We set clear goals so that we can best help you.

We are here for you. We believe in frequent, courteous communication. You deserve our prompt attention!

Said like a pro! You are assured a professional presentation of content and materials by an expert in the field.

We’ve got connections. We provide widespread promotion of your event (assuming it is public) via our social media channels and extensive network in the industry.

Follow up, follow through. We consider collaborative follow up briefings essential to every project. We insist that you are fully satisfied, have access to any presented materials and resources, and enjoy the possibility of exclusive offerings for your audience.


Our clientele are among leading multi-national corporations with strong involvement within the global mobility sector, as well as international schools around the world. We have been regularly interviewed for our knowledge on psychological aspects of relocation with kids, including the BBCHSBC Expat and The Financial Times. Read more about our features under the In the Media section as well as about the past events we have held or been featured in.


If you are an HR representative, educational administrator and/or working with a business that’s interested in becoming more equipped at supporting expatriate families, please contact us for more information about the services we offer:

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